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Gate Valves

Gate valves can be left open, or closed, on a variety of water, gas and chemical duties for long periods with the guarantee of satisfactory operation as required. With easy, reliable, safe operation, clearance sealing and easy installation and maintenance, it can effectively control and prevent the disk from erosion.; Attempting fine control or throttling may lead to serious gate erosion. Overhead clearance for high steam, high lift valves is needed for installation and maintenance. Service with heavy solids in suspension could be troublesome-possibly creating seat wear and shut-off problem.  A multi-turn valve has a gate-like disk and two seats to close the valve. The gate moves linearly, being perpendicular to the flow direction. This type of valve is normally used in the fully opened or fully closed position. It is not suitable for throttling applications. Gate valves provide robust sealing and are used extensively in the petrochemical industries. This type of valves also includes knife gate valves, conduit gate valves and wedge gate valves. Knife gate valves have much thinner gates with a knife-like edge, making them suitable for floating solids, e.g., such as in the pulp & paper industries. Conduit gate valves have a rectangular disc as the closing element. One half of the disk is solid, which is used to close the valve, the other half has a circular port, which is used to open the valve. Wedge gate valves have a wedge-shaped gate which" wedges" between floating seats and close the valve tightly.

A guillotine valve has been preferred to a spherical valve concept which implies a too long stroke for the filter. The closing and locking operations of the valve is as follows; first, the gate valve is pushed by a screw driven by the motor, from its retracted position towards closed position. When the gate valve reaches this position (the extremity of the caplet against the body), the internal mechanism of the gate valve activated by the screw makes its thickness increase until the movement is stopped by the main body of the valve. 

Our Top Flow Rubber Seated Gate Valves are manufactured with the care and craftsmanship you can expect from a company that specializes in designing and manufacturing valves for petroleum industry.

All Top Flow products are designed and tested to ensure reliability and integrity for long-term safe operation. They are also engineered, manufactured and tested under our ISO 9001 Certified Quality Program. All valves are subject to visual inspections, pressure testings and all critical dimensions and specifications are guaranteed to meet API and ANSI codes. All materials used in the manufacturing process meet or exceed ASME and ASTM specifications.

Every Gate Valve features easy-to-replace seats that ensure tight sealing, even under the most rigorous field conditions. From design to manufacture and testing, we are one of the best supplier and manufacturer of gate valves made-in-China. Our Top Flow Rubber Seated Gate Valves are built for reliable and safe performance in the field.

Major applications:

  • Wellheads;
  • Pipelines and manifolds ;
  • Drilling and chemical treatment;
  • Oil, gas and water pipelines;
  • Sour gas and crude oil;
  • Abrasive and corrosive mud, cements, slurries and water flood;

Gate Valve

About Gate Valve
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Brass Flanged Gate Valve
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Stainless Steel Flanged Gate Valve

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