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Flange Overview

Our company is a specialized manufacturer, supplier and distributor of flanges of national and international standards made-in-China, such as ANSI, BS, DIN, JIS, KS. Also we can manufacture as per the customer's requirements with our best quality and prices.

There are two kinds of flanges, forged flanges and steel plate flanges, both kinds are supplied for exports. Forged flanges of our company include blind , slip on , welding neck , socket welding , thread and lap joint flanges which conform to ANSI, DIN, JIS and BS standards. We can supply steel plate flanges from 15mm to 2000mm. Normally SS400 steel plate is adopted as material.

Materials: Carbon steel flanges, stainless steel flanges and alloy-steel flanges.

Connection: Welding neck flanges, slip on flanges, threaded flanges, lap joint flanges, socket welding flanges, blind flanges and orifice flanges

Range of Production:

  • Flanges of welding neck, socket welding, threaded, blind, slip on, lap joint are in accordance with ANSI B 16.5 from 1/2" to 24" and classes 150 to 2500 (complete range).
  • Flanges from 26" to 48" and classes 150 to 900 lbs are in accordance with MSS SP 44 standard.
  • Flanges with long welding neck are from classes 150 to 2500 lbs and sizes from 1/2" to 24".
  • Orifice flanges from 1" to 24" and from 300 to 2500 lbs are in accordance with ANSI B 16.36.
  • Blind, slip on, welding neck flanges are from 6 Bar to 40 Bar in accordance with DIN.
  • Flanges from 1/2" to 24" and up to 450 lbs are in accordance with BS10 Table D & Table E, BS Table F & Table H, BS Table J & Table K.
  • Flanges from 2kg to 210 kg are in accordance with JIS.
  • Flanges according to API 605/ASME B16.47.
  • Depending on special purposes, flanges can be manufactured in different shapes and sizes
Blind flange Slip on Flange Welding Neck Thread Flange Lap Joint Flange Socket Welding



Flange Overview
Material of Flange
Technology Information
   Drawingof ANSIB16.5
   Drawingof ANSIB16.36
   Drawing of BS
   Drawing of DIN
   Drawing of JIS
Forged Flange
   welding neck flanges
    Slip-On Flanges
    Lap Joint Flanges
    Threaded Flanges
    Blind Flanges
    Orifice Flanges
Steel plate flanges
   Drawing of KS/JIS

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