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Y Strainer ( also named Strainer Type Y )

As professsional manufacturer and supplier of a variety of industrial equipment made-in-China, Y Strainers are one of our strong products. It's known that Y Strainers are devices used for mechanically removing solids from flowing liquids or gases by means of a perforated or wire mesh straining element. They are used in pipelines to protect equipment, such as pumps, meters, control valves, steam traps and regulators. Although there are occasional exceptions, the use of Y Strainers generally follows several rules. First, they are ordinarily employed where the amount of materials to be removed is small. Size for size, their dirt holding capacity is less than a basket strainer. Next, Y Strainers are usually installed when frequent clean-out is not needed. There are Y Strainers in service on steam lines. A Y Strainer has the advantage of being able to be installed in either a horizontal or vertical position. Some manufacturers reduce the size of the Y Strainer body to save material and to cut costs. Before installing a Y Strainer, be sure it is large enough to properly handle the flow. A low priced strainer may be an indication of an undersized unit.

MODEL: Y Strainer Y-1A Series -----Threaded End Body ( Cast Iron Body and Cast Steel Body )
Size:DN15-----DN50 (1/2"----2")
Face to Face: BS EN558
Safe Working Pressure: PN10,PN16

Strainer type y Y-1A Specification

No Name of Part Material
1 Body Cast Iron, Cast Steel 
2 Cover Brass,       Cast Steel 
3 Screen SS304
4 Gasket Asbestos

Strainer type y Y-1A Technical Data



Applicable Fluid Steam, Water, Oil, ,Air
Applicable Inlet Pressure Max, 10kg/c㎡ Max, 16kg/c㎡
Applicable Temperature Max, 200≧
End Connection Screwed
Hydrostatic Test 15kgf/㎡-----3min 24kgf/c㎡-----3min

Overall of cast iron threaded end Y Strainer

Dimensions of Strainer Y-1A series

Size 15A(1/2") 20A(1") 25A(1") 32A(1 1/4") 40A(1 1/2") 50A(2")
L 81 95 102 129 146 178
H 50 65 75 90 106 120
D φ19 φ25 φ31 φ37 φ46 φ57
d Rc1/2" Rc3/4" Rc1" Rc1 1/4" Rc1 1/2" Rc2"

Threaded End Y Strainer

Y-strainer Y-1A
Y-strainer Y-1B
Y-strainer Y-2

Flanged End Y Strainer

Y-strainer Y-3
Y-strainer Y-4

Wire Mesh and Perforated Metals


photo of cast iron threaded end Y Strainer

Cast Iron Body Y Strainer


cast steel Y Strainer

Cast Steel Body  Y Strainer



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