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Butterfly Valves

Butterfly valves are the most specified type of valves used for moderate-duty conditions in pipe sizes of two and larger than two inches. With the advantage of reduced weight, reliable bubble-tight shut-off, ease of operation and automation, the butterfly valves are used to replace gate valves in traditional applications. Bi-directions shut-off is one of the hallmarks of butterfly valves. Owing to the Continuing development of butterfly valves' technology, butterfly valves made-in-China are used more and more in aggressive applications that previously were the exclusive domain of gate and globe valves.

As a professional butterfly valves manufacturer and global supplier, we have six series of industrial butterfly valves. The figure numbers are BV1000, BV2000, BV3000, BV4000, BV5000, BV6000. BV1000 to BV4000 series are concentric (center line) with resilient seat butterfly valves. BV5000 series are flanged butterfly valves. BV6000 series are metal seal butterfly valves. Our BV1000 to BV3000 butterfly valves are available in wafer and lug type. BV4000 series only refer to the wafer type. Wafer valves can be installed between two flanges using bolts or nuts and studs, while lug type valves have metal inserts installed in the valves' bolt holes and valves are installed between two flanges using a separate set of bolts for each flange.

Our BV1000,BV2000,BV3000,BV4000 are specified as follows. BV1000 butterfly valve is equipped with back-up seat and BV2000 with soft seat. BV3000 is called slim-disc butterfly valve, in addition to the features of butterfly valves, it has strong corrosion resistance and no-pin. BV4000 is industrial butterfly valve. Our butterfly valve upper flanges are suitable for all types of valves fitted with electric, gearbox, manual and pneumatic actuators. The connection dimensions of side flanges are in accordance with the standard dimensions of each country. They are suitable for the pressure of 0.6MPa, 1.0Mpa and 1.6Mpa.

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wafer butterfly valve and lug butterfly valve BV1000 series  are relisent seat butterfly valve including pin type and no-pin type wafer butterfly valve and lug type butterfly valve BV2000 series include semi-lug butterfly valve,full lug butterfly valve, resilent seat  butterfly valve wafer butterfly valve and lug butterfly valve BV3000 series , relisent seat butterfly valve with two tubs shaft. wafer butterfly valve BV4000 series with relisent seat
Butterfly Valve BV1000 Butterfly Valve BV2000 Butterfly Valve BV3000 Butterfly Valve BV4000

Butterfly Valve

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