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Threaded End Y Strainer

Y Strainers are almost always supplied in one of four materials, iron, bronze, carbon steel, or stainless steel. Iron is most widely used because it costs the least. Its disadvantages are poor resistance to thermal shock and poor resistance to mechanical shock. For these reasons, iron is used on non-critical applications involving low pressures and temperatures. The last common material for strainers is stainless steel. This, of course, is used where corrosion is a problem. Many gases such as those from petroleum operations or natural gas are "sour" or acid and when moisture is present, will corrode iron or steel. In these cases, stainless steel is called for. 

MODEL: Y Strainer Y-2 series ----(Cast Iron Body and Cast Steel Body)
Face to Face: ANSI B2.1
Safe Working Pressure: PN10,PN16

overall of cast iron threaded end y strainer cL-02

Strainer type y Y-2 series  Material Specification

No. Name of Part Material
1 Body Cast Iron, Cast Steel
2 Cover Brass,       Cast Steel 
3 Screen SS304
4 Gasket Asbestos

Strainer type y Y-2  series Technical Data

Applicable Fluid Steam ,Water, Oil, Air
Applicable Inlet Pressure Max,10kg/c㎡ Max,16kg/c㎡
Applicable Temperature Max, 200
End Connection Screwed
Hydrostatic Test 15kgf/c㎡-----3min 24kgf/c㎡-----3min

dimension of Y Strainer cl-02

Dimensions of Y type Strainer model CY-02

Size 15A(1/2") 20A(3/4") 25A(1") 32A(1 1/4") 40A(1 1/2") 50A( 2")
L 90 108 125 129 160 179
H 50 65 75 90 106 120
D φ19 φ25 φ31 φ37 φ46 φ57
d Rc1/2" Rc 3/4" Rc1" Rc1 1/4" Rc1 1/2" Rc2"

Threaded End Y Strainer

Y-strainer Y-1A
Y-strainer Y-1B
Y-strainer Y-2

Flanged End Y Strainer

Y-strainer Y-3
Y-strainer Y-4

Wire Mesh and Perforated Metals

cast iron threaded end y- strainer cl-02

Cast Iron Body Y Strainer

cast steel threaded end Y Strainer sy-02

Cast Steel Body Y Strainer

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