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Multifunctional Valve

As a professional supplier and manufacturer in China, our multifuntional valve is three valves in one.

  • A calibrated balancing valve
  • A shut-off valve
  • A center-guided non-slam check valve
  • We also can make the multifunctional valve with five functions according to customers' requirements, such as, adding a by pass or a mesh. If it is equipped with a mesh, it can function as a strainer. If it is equipped with a bypass, it can funtion as a dashpot valve.

Replacing three valves with just one multifunctional valve can dramatically lower your up-front materials and labor costs.

Main Features/Advantages:

1)The streamlined design of the multifunctional valve results in low pressure drop, making it extremely energy efficient.
2)Three valves in one reduces the cost to the minimum.
3)Greater range of control enable customers to get precise flow control in comparison with on-off throttling valves.
4)Positive shut-off without valve chatter.
5)Calibrated nameplate allows the return of valve to the balance position after shut-off.
6)Durable bronze seat, stainless steel stem and bronze disc construction guarantee a long service lifetime.

Balancing is obtained to improve the performance of a closed circuit, with forced circulation water systems for heating & cooling because of the variation in water flow in different systems. Balancing enables the plant to provide the desired indoor climate under all operating conditions, at minimum energy cost & with a modest input of time & labor. Balancing is achieved by adjusting pressure drop in order to get precisely the right flow of water at all times. Balancing reduces energy costs by almost 10% to 40%, by reducing average temperature in heating & by increasing average temperature in cooling, therefore, the fall in energy consumption of pumping is realized.
In order to attain hydraulic homogeneity & comparability throughout the plant, production & distribution including controlled circuits have to be balanced.

The Multifunctional Valve is a double-regulating, control and shut-off valve with built-in pressure drop measuring (in line flow measuring) facility. Balancing problems are quite evident in a multi-user systems, like central air conditioning plants and in process heat exchangers. The multifunctional valve is a combination of a shut-off valve (gate/plug/ball/butterfly Valve) plus flow regulating valve (globe valve) and flow measuring station and also a drain cock (available in bronze valves only). It is not merely a valve but also a system in itself. It provides a scientific basis for flow balancing in a system with database. The multifunctional valve can be set in pre-regulated flow conditions for tamper-proof positioning by a built-in locking device. The multifuctional valves are extensively used in HVAC systems and other process applications wherever balancing problems exist. 


Balance Valve

Performance Feature
Linear conversion diagram

Multifunctional Valve

Performance Feature

balancing valve TO-01
Multifuntional Valve TO-01

balancing valve TO-02
Multifuntional Valve TO-02 
with mesh

Balancing valve TO-03
Multifuntional Valve TO-03 
with bypass

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