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The multifuntional valve

Design Features

The multifuntional valve is a Double Regulating, Control and Shut-off Valve with built-in pressure drop measuring (in line flow measuring) facility. Balancing problems are quite evident in a Multi-User systems, like Central Air Conditioning Plants and in Process Heat Exchangers. The Valve is a combination of a Shut-Off Valve (Gate/Plug/Ball/Butterfly Valve) plus Flow Regulating Valve (globe Valve) and Flow Measuring Station and also a Drain Cock (available in Bronze Valves only). It is not merely a Valve but a system in itself. It provides a scientific basis for Flow Balancing in a system with database. The Valve can be set in pre-regulated flow conditions for Tamper-Proof positioning by a Built-in Locking Device. The Valves are extensively used HVAC systems and other process applications wherever balancing problems exists.

overall of Balancing valve

The Multifuntional Valve TO-01 Specification

Part No. Name of Part Material
1 Body Cast Iron
2 Bonnet, Cover Cast Iron 
3 Cover O-ring Rubber
4 Spring Stainless Steel
5 Disc Rubber NBR
6 Disc Holder Cast Iron
7 Packing Bronze 
8 Indicator Iron 
9 Valve Stem SS304 
10 Cover Bolt SS304
11 Hinge Stem Stainless Steel
12 Packing Cast Bronze
13 Screen SS304
14 Bypass Brass

TO-01 Technical Data

Applicable Fluid Water, Oil
Applicable Inlet Pressure Max, 10kg/c㎡
Applicable Temperature Max,82≧ (Special Order: Max 120≧
Min, Pressure Differential across the Disc 0.04----0.07kgf/c㎡
Leakage Allowance 0
End Connection ANSI B16.1 CL125, BS4504 PN10
Hydrostatic Test 15kgf/c㎡----3min

Balance Valve

Performance Feature
Linear conversion diagram

Multifunctional Valve

Performance Feature


balancing valve TO-01


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