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Lift Check Valve 

The components of lift check valve are made of high quality copper alloy, Teflon, and stainless steel, which are excellent corrosion and abrasion resistant. This check valve may be mounted in vertical or horizontal position also compact and lightweight design gives ease of installation, service and maintenance, and reduces installation time.

NO Name of Part Material
1 Body Cast Iron
2 Disc Holder Cast Iron
3 Buffer Cast Iron
4 Upper Guide Ductile Iron
5 Seat Ring Bronze
6 Disc Washer Steel Plate
7 Spring SS304
8 Soft Seat NBR
9 Hinge Stem SS400

Technical Data

Applicable Fluid Water, Oil
Applicable Inlet Pressure Max, 10kgf/cm2
Applicable Temperature Max,80íŠ(Special Order : Max 120íŠ)
Min, Pressure Differential across the Disc 0.05-----0.1 kgf/cm2
Leakage Allowance 0
End Connection Flanged
Hydrostatic Test 15kgf/cm2-------3 min

Wafer Check Valve

About Check Valve
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Swing Check Valve

Overall and Dimensions

Lift Check Valve

Valve Dimensions

Smolensky Check Valve

smolensky check valve
Valve Dimensions

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