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Wafer Check Valve Technical Data and Installation


Wafer check valve is a general purpose and one way flow valve. Due to lighter in weight and short dimension, wafer check valve is very easy to be installed between flanges. Inner parts assembled by two semicircle springs and plates, which pinned to the body. Normally closed by spring action and open by fluid pressure. Because the spring cycle reaction is very quick, it could protect the pipe from wafer hammer.

Precautions in piping

  • Lay pipes so that the cast direction of wafer check valve body corresponds with the flow direction.

  • It can be installed in vertical piping. In horizontal piping, set the rib wafer check valve vertically.

  • Use an extension tube between wafer check valve and butterfly valve, never connect the wafer check valve to the valve directly.

  • Avoid entering the end of a tube or gasket within the operating of a radius of the wafer check valve discs.

  • Never mount a reducer just in front of or behind the wafer check valve

  • When installing a wafer check valve near an elbow, leave a space as large as possible between them.

  • When installing a wafer check valve at a pump outlet, leave a space at lease 6 times of valve diameter and be sure that the plate is evenly stressed by fluid.

NO Name Of Part
1 Body
2 Disc
3 Stem
4 Seat
5 Pin Retainer
6 Pin Stabilizer
7 Spring
8 Name Plate
9 Spring Bearings
10 Plate Bearing
11 Body Bearing

Normal Dia 50(2")------700(28") 50(2")------450(18") mm (inch)
Nom.Pressure 1 1.6 Mpa
Test Press Shell 1.5 2.4
Seal 1.1 1.76
Working Tem (ˇăC) -15-----------------+150
Suitable Medium Fresh water, Sewage, Sea water, Air, Steam, Food, Medicine, Oils, Acids, etc.


Wafer Check Valve

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